Global Sourcing

Global sourcing IIIIn today's economic environment, businesses are under increased pressure to reduce costs, tighten controls and improve performance. MPOWER Global Sourcing Solutions is about partnering with trusted experts to transform your business and get it to that next level. Get one up on the competition!


MPOWER is a global organization. We have people on the ground in every corner of the world each and every day. Our global sourcing experts identify and develop key sources and find products that otherwise may not be accessible to you domestically.

MPOWER Handles It All

The global marketplace can seem complex and overwhelming. MPOWER removes all the frustration, flattens the learning curve and gets you fast and accurate responses to all of your requirements including;

  • Finding Your Source
  • Providing Prototype Samples
  • Arranging Financing
  • Initiating Letters of Credit
  • Monitoring Production and Quality Control
  • Providing On Time Shipments
  • Arranging Ocean Freight
  • Consolidating Container Shipments
  • Handling Import Fees, Customs and Duties
  • Arranging Inland Transportation
  • Delivering Right to Your Door

Markets We Serve

MPOWER global sourcing experts have years of experience and wide-ranging knowledge of the markets that we serve. We seek out the actual manufacturer, not the broker, that provide quality products with reliable and on time delivery. We are active in the following markets:

  • Advertising Specialty
  • Charts
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Digital Imaging
  • Graphic Arts
  • Industrial Magnets
  • Menu Boards
  • Point of Purchase
  • Retail
  • Screen Printing
  • Signage
  • Promotional Products

Source This!

Don't get lost in the translation. If you are looking for a certain product or have a specification that you need met, let MPOWER perform a confidential search for you. Call us today at 800-960-2803 or contact us by email. Experience The Power of MPOWER Global Sourcing Solutions!