Digital Printing Tips and Tricks

tips and tricks

Cover Platens

Flexible magnetic sheeting will naturally attach itself to any inbound and/or outbound platen made of a ferrous metal on a digital press. In this event the platens will need to be covered with chip board or any other suitable material that will help break the magnetic pull. However, most platens are now made of non-ferrous metals metals such as aluminum which will not hold a magnet. So covering the platens in this case is not necessary.

Raise print heads

We recommend .030" flexible magnetic sheeting for any outdoor use. But even when printing flexible magnetic sheeting with thickness less than .030" we recommend that the print heads be raised all the way up to prevent any head strikes.

Turn down the heat

Flexible magnetic sheeting, like any polymeric product, will distort when subjected to a certain degree of heat. For this reason we suggest that the heater(s) on the digital press be turned down when printing our flexible magnetic sheeting product.

Pinch and guide rollers

If the digital press has pinch or guide rollers, make sure they are down and functioning. This will help pull the flexible magnetic sheeting evenly through the system while imaging.