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MPower Magnetics

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Introducing MPOWER Printable Magnetic Sheeting, the next generation of printable magnetic sheeting. Up to 10% greater holding power Brighter white point / brilliant colors Treated laminate for wider variety of inks Back coating prevents scuffing / blocking Smoother and noticeably more flexible ….and introducing MPOWER Printable Magnetic Receptive Products. These are some of the hottest products on the market today. MPOWER Magnetic Receptive sheeting used in conjunction with MPOWER Magnetic Sheeting with mounting adhesive produce affordable and changeable graphics for: Retail...
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    Printable Magnetic Sheeting

    For point of purchase, signage or display graphics...

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    Magnetic Receptive Systems

    Can be used to create incredibly affordable changeable graphics...

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    High Energy MIGHTYmag

    A thinner, lighter and stronger printable magnetic sheeting...

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  • Promotional Magnets

    Magnetic Sign Blanks

    MPOWER pre-cut sign blanks are ideal for car and truck signage applications.

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  • Clean Care Thumb

    Clean & Care Guidelines

    Following these will give you years of trouble-free service.

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  • Digital print tips trick

    Digital Printing Tips & Tricks

    Learn a few simple ways to achieve much better results.

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